The new Earls Gate Energy Centre at Earls Gate Park, Grangemouth will replace an existing gas-fired energy plant that has come to the end of its operating life.  The facility will provide heat to local industry, including chemical manufacturer, CalaChem, the utility service provider for the site, and also export electricity to the National Grid.

The technology involved – Energy from Waste (EfW) Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – is seen by many as the most environmentally sustainable solution for the management of residual municipal waste. Each year, it will prevent 216,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste from entering landfill and will instead convert the waste into 79GWh of green electricity and 81GWh of heat in the form of steam. The facility will also decarbonise CalaChem’s annual energy consumption to an amount equivalent to taking around 17,000 cars off the road for a year.

The centre will be built by CNIM. Once completed, it will be operated by MES Environmental, a subsidiary of CNIM, for a contract duration of 25 years.

CNIM Group is a leading European specialist for the design and construction of power plants and has delivered 163 Energy from Waste plants all over the world.